Investment Solutions

Nalu Capital S.A. offers investments with emphasis on risk versus return. Funds currently managed include:

  • Nalu Absolute Value Strategy: an Absolute Value Strategy that capitalises on pricing dislocations globally by taking relative value positions. It uses listed securities and options to monetise value and protect against market events. The strategy combines quantitative technology with qualitative research
  • London Property: investing in a diversified portfolio of high value residential property developments situated in London and the South East of England.
  • Vietnam Affordable Housing: leveraging off the strong macro-economic and demographic factors present in Vietnam in a maturing and increasingly local real estate market supported by national and local public policies.
  • Rubicon Real Estate Finance: the strategy originates loans to property developers who undertake predominantly residential development projects in London, the South-East, South-West and other strong performing locations within Southern England.

All investments are offered within a CSSF regulated, Luxembourg-based SICAV-SIF fund structure and are restricted to a well-informed investor within the meaning of Article 2 of the law of February 13th, 2007 relating to specialised investment funds i.e. an institutional investor, a professional investor. For more information please contact us