About Us


For an experienced surfer, fighting against a riptide or giant wave is a waste of time and effort. Either it will drag you into open waters or straight into the impact zone. It demands skill, precision, and an instinct only honed by experience to ride out such violent turbulence and turn adversity to advantage.
Similar turbulence can prevail in the markets. For this reason, Nalu Capital S.A. has developed a philosophy, which relies on three key principles that underpin everything we do:

˃ Independence of thought

˃ Accountability and transparency for action and inaction

˃ Capitalising on opportunity only when we are confident about the risk vs. return

Our Nalu Capital partners bring a rich variety of skill sets from different disciplines and backgrounds, each having experienced the ‘waves’ crashing through the financial and market crises over the past 20 years.

Through our long working history and shared endeavor, we know that diverse perspectives make for the most informed decisions. We believe our name is not the only unique aspect about us.

Shareholders of Nalu Capital S.A.


* Nalu. 1. noun. the perfect wave or surf of the ocean. 2. verb. To ponder, meditate, reflect, speculate (Hawaiian Dictionary)